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 What Holds You Back in Your Business?

  • Do you spend too much time dealing with the Urgent and not enough time devoted to the Important?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed by too many competing demands on your time?
  • Do you fall into the trap of micro-managing your staff?

This mind map shows some ways of overcoming these problems. Mindshop Online Mind Map

Let’s look at each of the three tips that should help you deal with these problems.

  1. Focus on Micro Tasks
    Large tasks tend to be complex and overwhelming.  By breaking a large task into a series of smaller tasks, these tasks become simpler and clearer.  It is also far easier to track your progress. Reporting that 5 tasks out of 10 have been completed is precise and can be verified.  Claiming that your large task is 50% complete could be wishful thinking  and is hard to verify.  It is also far easier to delegate a discrete task.
  2. Shift to Just-in-Time Learning
    Which courses did you attend last year or the year before? How much of the learning are you applying now? Just-in-Time Learning is an effective way of learning what you need to know to solve a particular problem today, or at least this week.  You encounter a problem or recognise you need to raise your skill level to tackle  the problem better or faster.  With Just-in-Time Learning, you learn this new skill right away and apply the learning while it is still fresh in your mind.  Applying the learning tests your understanding and gives you the confidence to use it again.
  3. Capture and Track Your Strategies and Actions Online
    Having information stored in different places and using different formats such as email, electronic documents and paper files should belong to the past. There is a wide choice of Cloud programmes and some are free or offered at a low monthly subscription.  Capturing information online also makes it far easier to collaborate and many programmes allow you to share information with the people you select. This means you can keep some of the online information private, but you can access it from any mobile device.

Mindshop Online Combines All Three In One Package

  • 120+ Mindshop Tools at your fingertips
  • Chose from a number of online training courses
  • Post as many strategies, actions, questions and private files as you like
  • Join the discussion forum with other Mindshop Users around the world
  • Be challenged with confidential online coaching from an experienced Mindshop coach

 Mindshop Online Sweet Spot

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Mindshop Online Coaching Packages

There are three standard packages and the prices are per person per month in US Dollars. Click on an Enquire Now button to get more information and start your journey towards business success. [ahm-pricing-table id=3145 template=rtd-gray]

Which package is right for you? There are three main factors you should take into account:

  1. The size and complexity of the issues that you want to address.
  2. The impact these issues have on your business.
  3. The level of effort needed to resolve them.

You should also consider both the benefits of resolving these issues and the consequences of not taking action.


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Contact us to arrange a confidential discussion by phone or Skype. The purpose is to learn more about the issues you are facing and how Mindshop Online could best help you. Be prepared for some probing questions. If you want better answers, you need better questions.


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