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iMindMap 7 launch offers extented to 19 December 2013

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Get your copy of iMindMap 7 mind mapping software iMindMap is the perfect mind mapping tool for all thinking tasks thanks to its intuitive workspace, unrestricted structure and lots of visual stimulation. It is a joy to use and it really does encourage creative thinking. I can vouch for this personally. You too can enhance …

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Mind Maps : tips on how to prepare and give a presentation

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Mind Maps help you gather and organise your ideas What holds you back when you are preparing a presentation?  Writer's block is a common problem.  Another is getting side-tracked into the formatting of text and how it will look, when you should be generating ideas instead.  A mind map is a powerful tool to help …

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Washing your hands, why you need to keep it simple

Keep It Simple Featured

If you want your instructions to be followed, keep them simple! Some posters catch your attention.  They may have something that really appeals to you, or it may be the reverse. Only a small number may  fit in either category.  As for the rest, well I cannot recall.  They are lost in the countless images …

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Can You Prove It?

One of the most critical issues for businesses is being clear about their sustainable competitive advantage (SCA). Or put another way, being able to answer the question: “Why would someone buy from you and not the person down the road?” As I have written about before there are a number of ways to attack this …

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Worst Practice Customer Relationship Management in a car park

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Recognising your customer is essential for an effective customer relationship. If you fail to hear the voice of your customer you are hurtling towards worst practice customer relationship management. This amusing story about an automated car park in England has lessons for everyone involved in customer support. How difficult can it be to get a …

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