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May 19

Achieve Your Goals Faster with Mindshop Online Coaching

 What Holds You Back in Your Business? Do you spend too much time dealing with the Urgent and not enough time devoted to the Important? Do you feel overwhelmed by too many competing demands on your time? Do you fall into the trap of micro-managing your staff? This mind map shows some ways of overcoming …

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Dec 10

Mindshop Change Success Model

Mar 31

3 Key Ideas for Success for Business Leaders in 2014

1. Where will your revenue come from in five years time? If 20% of your revenue in 5 years time had to come from a product or service that does not exist now, what would that be? This was a great question posed recently by experienced Mindshop facilitator, Russell Cummings to drive increased energy and …

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Mar 14

Get an Online Business Diagnostic in just five minutes!

Mar 11

Where’s The Money Gone?

A seemingly simple question for a business leader to ask and one that most would think it would be easy to answer. Unfortunately in many organisations it is not that easy to get a handle on where the money is going. If we take an average business in the manufacturing sector then perhaps 25% of …

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