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Project Management: a Core Competency for Managers in Today’s World

Many organizational managers may not realize it but much of what occupies their day-to-day business tasks is actually ‘project management‘. According to the bible of project management (PMBOK®: Project Management Body of Knowledge) the definition of a ‘Project’ is:  “A temporary endeavour undertaken to create a unique product, service or result”. Based on this definition could not all …

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Small Business Exit Strategies for Current Times

Over the past few years, I’ve noticed a tightening in cash being lent to purchasers to buy businesses, even good businesses. This has caused small business owners to explore some interesting new strategies when planning their exit. Let’s look at a few in the Mindshop style of Now, Where, How. 1) First identify where you …

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3 Key Ideas to Help Business Leaders Succeed in 2013: Part 2

Business Leaders

1. When did you last complete a competitor analysis? Almost all business owners / managers are aware of their direct competitors, but when was the last time you actually completed a formal analysis by way of a ‘competitor analysis’? This should be at least an annual process to help pin-point key opportunities for improvement. To …

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How to Deal with the Leadership Shift

Business Leadership

Businesses are under increasing stress as markets are increasingly volatile, clients are more demanding, talent is scarcer and change occurs in faster and shorter cycles. To survive and thrive business leaders have to make faster decisions, on less information, and which have greater risk. This has led to a change in how leaders need to …

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From The Kitchen Table to the Board Table: A Small Business Guide to Corporate Governance

Small Business

Most small business owners recognize that governance structures are vital elements of their business, but only a few manage to embed corporate governance structure into their business. The restructuring of a business from the kitchen table to the board table to suit a corporate governance framework, is an important task for management, and in the …

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