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Effective Plans on One Page

Mindshop Big One Page Plan

This is a simple but very effective process to develop key strategic priorities to realise business goals. It is just one of many practical and effective tools from Mindshop. Refer to the  B2M Big One Page Plan, which explains the five-step process. Complete your "NOW" summary Fill in your short-term challenges Consider the actions you …

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Ideas for Success from Mindshop – February 2011

Read the latest quarterly newsletter "Ideas for Success" from Mindshop, which contains thought-provoking articles and some practical business advice for 2011.   There are three great articles in the February 2011 edition: 10 Tips To Get the Most From Social Media in Your Business Opportunities To Fund Increased Business Growth in 2011 Three key ideas for Business …

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Try out the on-line diagnostic from Mindshop

A simple and powerful tool to pinpoint your key opportunities for increased Growth and Profit over the coming 12 months as well as the strategies to address each of them.The on-line diagnostic should take just 10 minutes.

Ideas for Success from Mindshop – November 2010

Ideas for Success from Mindshop:
1. Sales - The Order Taker is Dead: Long live the art of the Sales Professional who sells!
2. People - Tackling a Global Employee Crisis?
3. Success Tips – 3 Key Ideas for Business Success in 2011