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So how committed are you?

Arc de Ttriomphe, Paris

Driving around the Arc de Triomphe in Paris can be quite an ordeal, especially for a nervous tourist. I was with Pierre and we were driving to Paris for the day. Our rapid progress on the toll motorway came to a grinding halt as we encountered a major road works project. This prompted me to …

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Are there any snakes in the bush?

Snakes in the bush

There is no sense in being worried about snakes in New Zealand, as there are none! Conversely it is dangerous to wander around a country that does have snakes, if you are not aware of the danger. There are parallels with exploring new markets as an exporter, but first let me tell you a story. …

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The “joys” of international travel

If possible, fly with the better quality and more reliable airlines. Sadly there do not appear to be any attractive options of flying from Australia or New Zealand to South America.
Plan well in advance and be creative about routes, stop-overs and meetings.
Premium Economy is well worth considering if your budget does not stretch further.
Watch out for Business Class deals, especially if there are two of you travelling together

LAN Airlines: “Third World” not OneWorld

I had a horrendous experience with LAN Airlines when I flew from Rio de Janeiro to Auckland via Santiago in early July. I kept a note of the main events as they occurred and typed a full account on my iPhone at the start of the delayed flight from Santiago to Auckland.  I then fell …

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