Jan 31

Dive into 2011 and make the most of it!

It is not too late to set your vision for 2011, but you now only have 11 months left to achieve your vision!

The photo and motto are thanks to a cousin, who had a wonderful holiday with her family in Thailand over Christmas.  It is an inspiring photo and one well worth sharing.

Dive into 2011

Dive into 2011 and make the most of it!

What messages do the photo and motto convey?

  • Be a bit daring and move outside your comfort zone.
  • Be fully committed – there is no going back once you dive.
  • Have fun and share this experience with others.
  • Finally, make the most of whatever you set out to do.

There are also some words of caution:

  • Make sure you can swim.
  • Is the water deep enough?
  • Are there sharks or other dangers?
  • It is best to do this with others for safety.

Now apply both the positive messages and the words of caution to your own situation, be that personal or business.  Better still, apply to both personal and business and make sure they are in harmony with each other.

It is important to be able to communicate your vision (personal and business) and document it.  This can be in words, photos, sketches  or any combination. Make sure you are committed to your personal vision and your business vision. Also do check that the people who matter to you share these visions. The Vision Board Studio is one way to do this.

Be ambitious, but sound out friends or trusted advisers to make sure your vision is realistic.  You also need to very clear about what you need to do to achieve your vision.  You will not improve your fitness by day dreaming about fitness as you slouch on the couch!

What actions and what micro-actions do you need to start doing?

  • This month
  • This week
  • Today
  • Right now?

So there are no excuses.   Have a wonderful year!

Simon Fawkes
Business to Markets Ltd