Apr 26

Effective Plans on One Page

Mindshop Big One Page PlanThis is a simple but very effective process to develop key strategic priorities to realise business goals. It is just one of many practical and effective tools from Mindshop. Refer to theĀ  B2M Big One Page Plan, which explains the five-step process.

  1. Complete your "NOW" summary
  2. Fill in your short-term challenges
  3. Consider the actions you will put in place to counter these challenges.
  4. Complete the "WHERE"
  5. List the high-level key things you need to get there.

All this can fit on one page, hence the name.

You may well need to have more detailed One Page Plans for some of the tactics and strategies.

Simple really, so what is stopping you from starting today?

Contact Simon Fawkes by email to find out how this simple but effective process can help you structure your plan and increase the chance of successful implementation.

Simon Fawkes
Accredited Mindshop Facilitator
Business to Markets Ltd