Nov 28

How well are you in tune with your customers?

This sun dial in Montmartre caught my attention.  Both the age building and the language of the inscription show that the good citizens of Paris have been walking past these wise words for several centuries.

Montmartre Sundial

What is your call to action?

The underlying wisdom does not age, but the method of responding to the message is influenced by changes in society and technology.

The inscription on the sun dial is homage to the bell of Sacré-Cœur and reads “Quand tu sonneras, je chanteray” - which translated means “when you ring, I will sing”. This is a good example of linking one action with another action by a different person.

The sun dial is intriguing as there is no bell, just a cockerel above the sun dial.  The reference to the bell of the nearby church is subtle.

This poses some interesting questions:

  • How do you encourage your customers to act?
  • How do you then respond to this action?
  •  How well are you in tune with your customers?
  •  What could you do to be more attuned?

These signals can take many forms, such as spoken or visual.   Consider how you could add a touch of mystery to your “call to action”.

Simon Fawkes
Business to Markets Ltd