Feb 29

Hungry for the Win: How to Be Successful in Business

Successful sports athletes all have one thing in common and that is their will to win. It doesn't matter what kind of challenge it is or who they are competing against. What matters is that they give their very best to achieve victory. Business leaders can learn a thing or two about success from these athletes and apply such lessons to further advance in both their business and career. Sports teach important leadership skills that can help a business owner become a great business leader. Such skills include teamwork, overcoming challenges, taking risks, letting passion rule instead of emotion and having the drive to win.

Lesson #1: Be a risk-taker

Athletes are always at risk of getting badly injured during a game. However, they still dive for the loose ball hoping that it would be their ticket to victory. Business leaders also need to be risk-takers because if they took the risk and it worked as planned, the returns can be very rewarding. Successful business leaders know that they should never sacrifice any opportunity in fear of failure.

Lesson #2: Have a clear set of goals

Athletes know the importance of clearly identifying their goals so that they would know which method to use to best achieve it. Business leaders should also have a clear set of goals in order to develop their personal and business strategic plans.

Lesson #3: Don’t back down so easily from a challenge

Athletes have this mindset of always going for the win. Successful business leaders always rise to the challenge and fight for the best interests of their business.

Lesson #4: Don’t take things too personally

Even athletes resort to foul actions especially when the game is neck-and-neck. However, they understand that it’s all part of the game and it’s usually not intentional. Issues and questions raised against the business are all part of the campaign for success. Business leaders shouldn't treat them as personal attacks; they should just answer them appropriately.

 Lesson #5: Try and try again

Losing a game can be a let-down, but athletes know that they need to bounce back from defeats in order to have a second shot at victory. Failures are inevitable in any business. Business leaders should learn to overcome failure and to treat it as a learning experience.

Lesson #6: Mix business with pleasure

Business leaders should enjoy their career and business just as athletes enjoy playing the game. If you like what you do, you will surely grow and be successful.

What are your views on how to be successful in business?

Simon Fawkes
Accredited Mindshop Facilitator
Business to Markets Ltd