Apr 18

“Indian Weddings” – so what is your niche?

This van caught my attention and inspired me to share some observations.

Indian Weddings

Why did this catch my attention?

  1. A catchy headline that clearly conveys the main business offering: Indian Weddings.
  2. An eye catching design that is consistent with the Indian theme.
  3. Easy to read information about other services.
  4. A website address that you do not need to write down.
  5. Legible contact details

This prompts three important questions to anyone in business:

  1. Do you have a clearly defined offering of your products and services?
  2. How well have you defined your target market?
  3. Are you clear about your point of differentiation?

If you cannot answer these questions,  how on earth do you expect to attract the attention of prospective customers?

Once you have answered these questions, check that your answers make sense to others.  Include "friends, families and fools" as well as some of your customers.  You then need to decide how best to communicate your offering and how to reach your target market.  It might also be a good idea to test how well your messages are being understood.  If you are really keen, you might even want  to measure the results!

Tip: keep your eyes, ears and mind open when you are going for a walk!  You can learn from others without taking anything from them.

Disclosure of Interest: none.  I was walking past the van and decided to take a photo. I have not had any contact with the company.

Simon Fawkes
Business to Markets Ltd