Tips to make your profile one of the top 1% in LinkedIn

LinkedIn has reached a new milestone of 200 million members

Simon, congratulations! You have one of the top 1% most viewed LinkedIn profiles for 2012!

This was the subject line of the email that caught my attention on Saturday morning.  Needless to say, I opened the email straight away.  This came as a complete surprise, in particular as I did not think I was putting enough regular effort into updating my profile and giving people a reason to view my profile.  The important word here is “regular”.  As with all aspects of social media, regular and consistent content is important.

LinkedIn Milestone
My achievement was not a matter of luck or charm, but the latter may have played a small role. There is a serious side to the reference to charm. One of the main reasons for being active in social media is to create engagement and stimulate interest in you and what you have to give.

Do not hire a PR consultant to conduct a charm offensive.  Be yourself, give and be willing to share.

How did I react to the good news from LinkedIn?

The box in the right-hand part of the image tells the story.  I clicked on the “Share” button and posted this news to:

  • LinkedIn Updates
  • Several LinkedIn Groups with under the heading: how well do you use LinkedIn?
  • Some of my LinkedIn connections as a gentle way of staying in touch.
  • Twitter
  • Facebook Profile and Page

This might have taken one minute, as there are several ways to share an update from the one screen.

Tips to get more views to your LinkedIn profile

  1. Recognise that LinkedIn is an important business network and use it to cultivate business contacts
  2. Make sure your personal profile is complete.  Set aside 30 minutes a week to update your profile, paying attention to Skills & Expertise.
  3. Endorse others and they in turn may endorse you.
  4. Be SEO friendly by selecting the most appropriate keywords and use them throughout your profile.
  5. Build your network, but do vet people you do not know before you accept their invitation.
  6. Add a short personal message when inviting someone to connect with you.
  7. Join LinkedIn Groups that are of interest to you and start to contribute to the discussions. Later on, start to invite other group members to connect.
  8. Make use of the weekly free LinkedIn Learining Webinars.

Do visit your LinkedIn website at least monthly, as LinkedIn seems to change at an increasing rate. One of the great ways to get noticed was to respond to LinkedIn Answers.  This feature ceased on 31 January 2013.

We all have to start somewhere and a colleague kindly invited me to join LinkedIn in 2005.  My network hit the 500 milestone in 2010 and is now getting close to 1000.  How did I grow my network from 1 to 500?  The answer is simple: two new contacts a week gives you 100 in a year.  As your network grows, so does you ability to increase your connections. Remember, quality counts as much if not more than quantity.

Do share this blog post with anyone you know who would like to make better use of LinkedIn.

Simon Fawkes
Accredited Mindshop Facilitator
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