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How often does a Help Desk help rather than annoy you?

Help Desk

How often does your “Help Desk” provide helpful and practical advice? The service you offer through your Help Desk is a good indicator of the value you place on your customers.  That is the true value, not the hype from your advertising campaigns. As a business you will be calling the help desks of your …

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Why a gift is always better than a discount

Glazed Ham with Organic Apple Syrup

An unexpected gift of apple syrup inspired me to try a new recipe! I am very proud of my glazed ham and this is now a tradition in our family. I should add that I am also a dab hand at roast turkey, well most roasts, if I am to be frank.  Summer in New …

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How well are you in tune with your customers?

Montmartre Sundial

This sun dial in Montmartre caught my attention.  Both the age building and the language of the inscription show that the good citizens of Paris have been walking past these wise words for several centuries. The underlying wisdom does not age, but the method of responding to the message is influenced by changes in society …

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Time to show Yellow® the red card!

This post comes from anger at being sent an invoice for a chargeable entry in the 2011 directory that I did not order.

Consider if a paid listing in a printed business directory is a good way to spend part of your promotional budget. It is not right for my business and I should have cancelled this additional listing last year. You have been warned!

Holiday Surcharges – burden or marketing opportunity?

What should a restaurant do when faced with higher wages costs on a public holiday? “Raise prices” is the easy and lazy response and is based on a “cost-plus” mentality. There are some more imaginative ways of dealing with this. Apply some basic marketing principles.