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3 Internet Marketing Tools You Need – Video 3 of 14

In the video above I mention 3 tools that you need for marketing online. LeadPages (to create capture pages): http://beckylundin.tkr.me/LeadPages Aweber (auto responder): http://beckylundin.tkr.me...

Can You Prove It?

One of the most critical issues for businesses is being clear about their sustainable competitive advantage (SCA). Or put another way, being able to answer the question: “Why would someone buy from you and not the person down the road?” As I have written about before there are a number of ways to attack this …

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Lessons in translation: make sure you are true to the original text

lessons in translation

This brass plaque in an excellent example of a poor translation. I was soaking in the atmosphere of the medieval castle at Boulogne-sur-Mer in France, when this pair of brass plaques caught my attention. I was perplexed at how a simple but elegant plaque in French had been so poorly translated in the English version. …

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How memorable and clear is your offering?

This poster caught my attention as I was waiting to talk to a class of post-graduate marketing students. The title was of interest, as a niece in South Africa is setting up a similar business. I tore off one of the strips and then on reading it realised that the slip did not have the …

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“We won’t drop the ball”. A great catchphrase or perhaps not?

We won't drop the ball!" A great catchphrase or perhaps not? It is "catchy" but what you remember is the negative "drop the ball" and the catchphrase says nothing about what the company actually does.