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Tips on Creating Value For Your Business: Quality vs. Price

“Cheapest and Best” is a good example of a confusing advert. This blog post provides some useful tips on crafting a convincing marketing message, which appeals to your target market and has a clear point of differentiation. You do, of course, know how to define your target market and differentiate your product or service! Explaining …

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Budget whiteware, but no discounting!

Most adverts for whiteware and other major home appliances just focus on one dirty word, namely “discount”.

Emotion can be a far stronger and more lasting emotion.
So next time you are tempted to boost sales by selling on price or worse still, discounting, think again! What other ways are there to attract interest and create emotional ties with prospective customers?

How memorable and clear is your offering?

This poster caught my attention as I was waiting to talk to a class of post-graduate marketing students. The title was of interest, as a niece in South Africa is setting up a similar business. I tore off one of the strips and then on reading it realised that the slip did not have the …

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“Indian Weddings” – so what is your niche?

Three important questions to anyone in business:

1. Do you have a clearly defined offering of your products and services?
2. How well have you defined your target market?
3. Are you clear about your point of differentiation?