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Dive into 2011 and make the most of it!

It is not too late to set your vision for 2011. Be daring but also be fully committed. Make sure your vision is realistic and that your personal and business vision are aligned. Be clear about what actions you need to take. What do you need to start doing today?

Germany – the land of opportunity

This is a great example of turning neutral or even potentially negative factors to advantage. The billboard is powerful and attention grabbing. It also turns three seemingly irrelevant statements into a compelling message.

See how you can craft a compelling and memorable campaign, using factors that you see as being either of no relevance or potential weaknesses. Turn those weaknesses upside down and portray them in a different light.

Will “double vision” make your vision any clearer?

You need to align your personal vision and your business or work vision. Make sure that they are in harmony and that you can achieve both.