Jan 25

Tested on Australians!

This point of sale display attracted my attention. 

"Tested on Australians" is an attention grabbing headline that works well in New Zealand. Australians are seen as being outgoing and “party animals”.

Hydrodol Pint of Sale Display

Perfect for a big night out - tested on Australians

I gathered from the sales assistant at the chemist’s that some Australian customers had taken exception to the advert.  This is a shame as the whole tenor of the promotion is somewhat light-hearted and in keeping with a party atmosphere.  This is very appropriate as the product Hydrodol is a hangover cure and according to the website "it's massive in Australia and now available in New Zealand."

As I have mentioned in other posts such as “Budget whiteware, but no discounting”, advertising is not my field.  That said, I am a consumer and I like to keep my eyes open for something interesting.

The promotion works for a number of reasons:

  • Eye-catching slogan “tested on Australians” that is also memorable
  • Language that is in keeping with the product and target market
  • The use of humour to strike an emotional rapport.

So what story can you craft around your product or service?

Simon Fawkes
Business to Markets Ltd