Jan 10

The Local Hi-Tech Economy Survey

This is the first networking event of Auckland ICT in 2011

This survey is designed to provide a view of the disposition and make-up of the hi-tech industry within a country. The results of this study will assist in developing the Local Hi-Tech Economy stakeholder communities and in promoting software as a key driver of economic and social development.

The output of this study by The International Institute for Software Economics, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Inc. (IISEIE) will be the Local Hi-Tech Economy Report which will contain the following research outputs:

  1. Technical Audience Insight: Data that can be used to better understand the industry.
  2. Local Hi-Tech Economy Maturity: Comprises various country based metrics, as they pertain to the local hi-tech economy, which can be used to determine the current economic, innovation and technology stage of development of a Local Hi-Tech Economy within a country.
  3. Innovation Readiness Index: For software companies and entrepreneurs the Innovation Readiness Index provides valuable insight into strategic position, via a comparative benchmarking tool.

The IISEIE mission is to drive an applied research agenda that both informs and aligns industry based programs to develop local software economies.

This is achieved through a focus on community building and connecting, across three areas of knowledge: practice, accreditation and research.

Go to the the Auckland ICT website for more information and to RSVP.

Simon Fawkes
Auckland ICT
Business to Markets Ltd