Dec 21

Why a gift is always better than a discount

An unexpected gift of apple syrup inspired me to try a new recipe!

Glazed Ham with Organic Apple Syrup

Glazed Ham - you too can cook a masterpiece for Christmas!

I am very proud of my glazed ham and this is now a tradition in our family. I should add that I am also a dab hand at roast turkey, well most roasts, if I am to be frank.  Summer in New Zealand is not the ideal weather for a large roast turkey and my culinary allegiance has shifted to glazed ham.

My glazed ham  last year was even better.  You could call this a "step-change" rather than incremental improvement. The inspiration came from an unexpected gift from ieproduce, the organic food store I visit every week.  There are two important words here: unexpected and gift.

I was given a bottle of organic apple syrup with the recommendation that it made a delicious glaze. I had not tried this before, but being adventurous in the food department and something of an Internet expert, it only took a few clicks for find a very tempting recipe by Juile Le Clerc.  The results, as you can tell from the photo, speak for themselves and the taste was even better.

I will be repeating this gastronomic feat in a few days time, with a greater degree of confidence in the culinary marvel that we will enjoy on Christmas Day.

The point of this story is not to boast about my skills as a cook, but to emphasise the impact that a small gift can have.   Consider the following questions:

  • Would a discount of say 10% inspire you tell your friends, let alone to compose a post? Probably not.
  •  Would you even remember getting a small discount? Unlikely, unless it was for a very large purchase.

A gift, especially an expected gift with no expectation of anything in return, can make a lasting impression.  You get a small warm fuzzy feeling, feel good about life and more important the person who made the gift. It can be a great way to create customer loyalty and to win new customers through recommendation by a fan!

A discount, on the other hand, is soon forgotten.  Discounts also attract customers who are price sensitive and these may not be your ideal profile.  This does not just apply to the retail sector.

The gift does not have to be large and it should not come with any strings attached.  This means do not make a gift in the expectation that you will get something back as this devalues the whole exercise.  It may even be counter-productive.

So consider how you could make a positive and lasting impression by some act of generosity or kindness. Do be a little adventurous too!

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