Feb 28

Why Yellow® made me see red

Yellow Invoice Jan 2011

Yellow Pages Group® , commonly called Yellow®, surprised me with the three zeros on this invoice!

This invoice  was dated  21 January 2011. There was no need to send an invoice with "Total Amount Due" of $0.00.  The payment received on 20 January should simply have been recorded in the February invoice.

Because obviously, it is a waste of:


b. printing

c. postage

d. time & effort

The company was dominant in directory and business search in the days of printed Yellow Pages. It has expanded its business to the internet as well.  And just recently, the lawsuit of NZ Post's subsidiary Localist,  made me think more closely about the company’s credibility. If you’ve heard the news, the Yellow Pages Group® bought internet domain names which were almost identical to the Localist web address. Computer World called this “typo-squatting”.  I was pleased to read in the NZ Herald that Yellow® has since agreed to hand over these domain names to Localist. Such behaviour does not go down well with me. Other customers may feel the same way.

Now back to the invoice for $0.00 as Total Amount Due.  Yellow® were kind enough to include a pre-paid envelope and a Direct Debit form to make it easier for me to pay $0.00.

If this is sort of their standard procedure, regardless of the value that appears on such bills, then to me this actually:

  1. Makes the company look stupid
  2. Undermines confidence in the company

It literally makes me see red!

My Tip: Combine efficiency with good customer service, as the two can go hand in hand.

Simon Fawkes
Business to Markets Ltd