“Kea: Communicating with Kiwi Expats” & “Social Media ROI”

Auckland ICT monthly networking event.

Kea: Communicating with Kiwi Expats, by Dr Sue Watson, Global CEO:
– An Introduction to Kea, New Zealand’s Global Network
– An overview of members (30,000 Kiwi expats)
– How Kea plan to engage with their members
– The launch of Kea’s business services

How effective is your social media activity?
Social media listening tools help you monitor conversations. Social Media Return on Investment tools (ROI) measure the results of best practice to produce ROI. It is the equivalent of web metrics KPI measurement. Jenny Wilmshurst of Tweettwins will demystify some of jargon and show a demo of Social Media ROI tool. Share some of your experiences with social media.

Event Details
5.00 to 7.30pm, Thursday 16 June 2011
28 Customs Street East, Auckland

Go to the Auckland ICT website for  more information and to RSVP.

Simon Fawkes
Auckland ICT
Business to Markets Ltd

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