A case study on building business through cooperation – even among fierce rivals!

I encourage everyone in the hi-tech sector to attend the monthly networking meeting of Auckland ICT on 25 November 2010. This will be a great opportunity to enhance your ability to collaborate and meet like-minded people. It is also the last formal event of 2010.

Luigi Cappel from GeoSmart is an inspiring speaker with a great story to tell.

Following the presentation we will look for opportunities for attendees to collaborate in their own businesses. Think of it as speed dating for collaborative business growth. This is a great opportunity to stimulate a wave that can help your business prosper in 2011. Often we have great ideas, but can achieve and commercialise much more collectively than we can on our own.

In my experience it is rare to find someone in the hi-tech space who both understands the importance of collaboration and does it well.

Take a look at the Events page on the Auckland ICT website for more information and to RSVP.

Simon Fawkes
Auckland ICT
Business to Markets Ltd

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