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Closing the gap. Can Australia catch up with New Zealand?

Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House     Can Australia catch up with New Zealand? No, I have not got this round the wrong way! There has been plenty of debate in New Zealand about “closing the gap with Australia”. I want to pose the opposite question to stimulate deeper discussion in New Zealand. I hope that these …

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Shedding some light on the debate about Easter trading

TVNZ on Easter Trading Hours

New Zealand is one of the most deregulated countries for shopping, but National Party MP Tau Henare wants to allow shop trading on Good Friday. Our liberal trading laws mean that shops are only closed for three and a half days a year. One day at Christmas, two over Easter and the morning of ANZAC Day, …

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Rise up Christchurch

I encourage everyone to view and “like” the Facebook page Rise up Christchurch.

We should all be vigilant and combat racism!

Racism is more widespread than most of us would like to think.  We cannot change the world by ourselves. Each of us can change how we behave and have some influence on family, friends and colleagues.  Don’t forget strangers either! “Nothing like a touch of racism to boost the ratings” or so the saying goes. …

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Germany – the land of opportunity

This is a great example of turning neutral or even potentially negative factors to advantage. The billboard is powerful and attention grabbing. It also turns three seemingly irrelevant statements into a compelling message.

See how you can craft a compelling and memorable campaign, using factors that you see as being either of no relevance or potential weaknesses. Turn those weaknesses upside down and portray them in a different light.