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iMindMap 7 launch offers extented to 19 December 2013

iMindMap 7

Get your copy of iMindMap 7 mind mapping software iMindMap is the perfect mind mapping tool for all thinking tasks thanks to its intuitive workspace, unrestricted structure and lots of visual stimulation. It is a joy to use and it really does encourage creative thinking. I can vouch for this personally. You too can enhance …

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How reliant are you on myths for running your business?

Self help or self delusion

Myths are an important part of every culture “59 Seconds” by Professor Richard Wiseman dispels many business myths and presents scientifically proven techniques to help people identify and achieve realistic goals. Too much of the “self-help” industry peddles “facts” which have no foundation.  Wiseman takes aim at the “Yale Goal Study”, which is often cited …

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Hungry for the Win: How to Be Successful in Business

Successful sports athletes all have one thing in common and that is their will to win. It doesn’t matter what kind of challenge it is or who they are competing against. What matters is that they give their very best to achieve victory. Business leaders can learn a thing or two about success from these …

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Why a gift is always better than a discount

Glazed Ham with Organic Apple Syrup

An unexpected gift of apple syrup inspired me to try a new recipe! I am very proud of my glazed ham and this is now a tradition in our family. I should add that I am also a dab hand at roast turkey, well most roasts, if I am to be frank.  Summer in New …

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Resolving your top three issues in six easy steps

b2m coffee agenda: resolving you top three issues

Don’t try to tackle more than 3 issues at a time! Taking on several things at a time could prevent you from focusing on the most important issues. Watch the video that explains this simple six-step process to resolve your top issues. After you have identified your top 3 issues, answer the following questions Where …

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