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Why Results and Motivation beat Features and Benefits

Solution vs Problem

Understand the pain of each customer segment first Start with the results and motivation Features are important, but they come at the end and not the beginning.  Puzzled?  Read on and this will become clear. The key points are: Results and Motivation define the problem Features and Benefits define the solution. The problem must be …

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Tips on Creating Value For Your Business: Quality vs. Price

“Cheapest and Best” is a good example of a confusing advert. This blog post provides some useful tips on crafting a convincing marketing message, which appeals to your target market and has a clear point of differentiation. You do, of course, know how to define your target market and differentiate your product or service! Explaining …

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WHY is the WHY so Important to Selling in the Mountains

Ideas for success from Mindshop Written by Mike Boyle – Head Sales Scientist – Banjar Group Lately I have been using a story to help my customers focus on where they are during these indifferent times. The Tour De France. Where do you win the Tour de France I ask? “At the finish line” is …

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Does your business suffer from “Yellow Fever”?

Does your business suffer from yellow fever?

This is the third post in my Yellow series. Given the steady decline of the Yellow Pages over the years, there may be limited scope for many more posts. My first two were directed at Yellow Pages Group in New Zealand: 1. Why Yellow® made me see red 2. Time to show Yellow® the red …

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How often does a Help Desk help rather than annoy you?

Help Desk

How often does your “Help Desk” provide helpful and practical advice? The service you offer through your Help Desk is a good indicator of the value you place on your customers.  That is the true value, not the hype from your advertising campaigns. As a business you will be calling the help desks of your …

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