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The rise of video in social media

Social Media will play an even more important part in shaping marketing in 2013. Traditional marketing was about bombarding customers with attention-grabbing inducements to buy more products.  There was a fundamental flaw and that is that with so much material every day, even the best designed campaigns were failing to grab any attention.  Social Media …

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The importance of choosing names for your social media channels

B2MGlobal Socia Media Channels

The earlier blog post on brand strategy gives some tips on how to avoid some common mistakes in developing your brand strategy. If company name, domain name and trademark are the foundation, then social media channels are the ground floor or first floor if you are in the US. You cannot ignore Social Media Social …

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Social Media Guidelines Infographic from Symphony3

Saying it with Infographics I came across this infographic from Symphony3 that illustrates their social media guidelines.  This is a great example of the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words”. It’s a really unique and creative way of explaining out the company’s rules with regards to the use of social media to the …

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Rise up Christchurch

I encourage everyone to view and “like” the Facebook page Rise up Christchurch.

Ideas for Success from Mindshop – February 2011

Read the latest quarterly newsletter “Ideas for Success” from Mindshop, which contains thought-provoking articles and some practical business advice for 2011.   There are three great articles in the February 2011 edition: 10 Tips To Get the Most From Social Media in Your Business Opportunities To Fund Increased Business Growth in 2011 Three key ideas for Business …

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