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The Top 5 Tools to Drive Strategy in Your Business

One of the many challenges facing business owners and managers is having the right “business tool” for the job. In business we often have a range of tools, systems and processes that enable us to drive the operational elements (CRMs, HR Systems, Financial Systems, Management tools, etc) but when it comes to developing strategy, we …

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The importance of choosing names for your social media channels

B2MGlobal Socia Media Channels

The earlier blog post on brand strategy gives some tips on how to avoid some common mistakes in developing your brand strategy. If company name, domain name and trademark are the foundation, then social media channels are the ground floor or first floor if you are in the US. You cannot ignore Social Media Social …

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How to avoid some common mistakes in developing your brand strategy

brand strategy

Is your brand strategy built on a solid foundation? How confident are you that you have a sound brand strategy? This blog post will give you some tips to help you develop a clear brief for your brand strategy. Would you build a house without first securing title to the land and making sure you …

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Does your business suffer from “Yellow Fever”?

Does your business suffer from yellow fever?

This is the third post in my Yellow series. Given the steady decline of the Yellow Pages over the years, there may be limited scope for many more posts. My first two were directed at Yellow Pages Group in New Zealand: 1. Why Yellow® made me see red 2. Time to show Yellow® the red …

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Ideas for Successs from Mindshop – May 2012

Read the latest quarterly newsletter “Ideas for Success” from Mindshop   There are three thought-provoking articles in the May 2012 edition: •    If the Job Could Talk – Supporting people in the workplace •    Win-win in the workplace! •    3 Key Ideas for Business Success in 2012 I hope these articles are of interest and …

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