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Create Stunning Blockbuster Videos

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Explaindio Video FX is Now Live Would you like to be able to enhance stock videos or you own videos? Well now you can! Transform any video with a range of video effects that will turn your video into an  eye-catching blockbuster that will stand out from the crowd.  Explaindio Video FX makes this a …

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YouTube One Channel: new B2MGlobal Channel Trailer

b2mglobal Featured Image

YouTube launched One Channel in early March 2013. This is a great way to promote your channel and gain more subscribers. You can easily convert your existing channel to the new format and it is well worth the effort. There are three important features of One Channel. Two are easy to spot: Channel Trailer and  …

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The rise of video in social media

Social Media will play an even more important part in shaping marketing in 2013. Traditional marketing was about bombarding customers with attention-grabbing inducements to buy more products.  There was a fundamental flaw and that is that with so much material every day, even the best designed campaigns were failing to grab any attention.  Social Media …

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Defining your strategic intent with “The Art of Action”

The Art of Action

The mind map and video show you a simple and effective way of defining your strategic intent. The “Art of Action” by Stephen Bungay stresses the importance of making your strategic intent clear and simple. Intent is what you want to achieve and the reasons why. You should limit you strategic intent to defining and …

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Resolving your top three issues in six easy steps

b2m coffee agenda: resolving you top three issues

Don’t try to tackle more than 3 issues at a time! Taking on several things at a time could prevent you from focusing on the most important issues. Watch the video that explains this simple six-step process to resolve your top issues. After you have identified your top 3 issues, answer the following questions Where …

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