Citizen Service Platform Ver2- Innovation and Industry

Auckland ICT Monthly Networking Event
5.00pm to 7.45 pm, Thursday 17 February 2011
Auckland Town Hall Ground Floor Reception Lounge
301, Queen Street, Auckland, New Zealand

This month we have two international presenters and one of the most prestigious venues in Auckland.

We are delighted to welcome Gordon McKenzie, Managing Director of Microsoft’s Global Government Solutions Team, as our main speaker.

Citizen Service Platform Ver2- Innovation and Industry

“Governments and citizens are looking for new paradigms and new ways to doing things to meet the challenges of the “New Normal”.

And innovation is at the heart of that search. It is now central to the policy objectives of any country, state or city.

It is no longer just discussed in the CIOs Office, but the Oval Office (or PM’s, Governor’s, Mayors office – localize)

Because …

  • Using public resources wisely is no longer just important … it is imperative (“when Governments  are laying off teachers, police”, etc – localize)
  • Governments need to find new ways to extend the reach of quality Education and Healthcare
  • Innovation is a foundation for Economic Growth and competitiveness for any country– hear how Industry can work with Local and Regional Governments to deliver on high value services and develop applications that both benefit the customer and grow industry.

The growing importance of technology to the Public Sector is matched by transformative ways to harness the benefits of technology .“

Gordon McKenzie is the creator of the Microsoft Citizen Service Platform, which is designed to help governments serve citizens and businesses more effectively using the standard Microsoft platform and tools.

Following this he has now taken on leadership of Microsoft Government Solutions team, enabling scenarios like Gov 2.0, Cloud computing, Citizen Service and Data Driven Government to be delivered through Microsoft’s platform.  Gordon and his team have just published the whitepaper on CSP “2.0 strategies for Government in the 2.0 world”, which addresses the cloud opportunity and how it can transform government services.

Applying Social Media in Your Business

Our second presenter is Fergal Coleman, director of Symphony3, a  Melbourne based IT and business consultancy. Since setting up and running a business in Ireland in the late 1990’s, Fergal has been preaching the benefits of embracing the web to business leaders ever since. He has worked with businesses across a wide range of industries assisting them with web and more recently social media strategies. Watch the short YouTube video.

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Simon Fawkes
Auckland ICT
Business to Markets Ltd

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