How memorable and clear is your offering?

This poster caught my attention as I was waiting to talk to a class of post-graduate marketing students.

The title was of interest, as a niece in South Africa is setting up a similar business. I tore off one of the strips and then on reading it realised that the slip did not have the vital information “editing & proofreading”.

Rebecca Bradley

This proved to be a great opener to my talk to the marketing students. I wrote on the whiteboard:

Then I asked:
  • Who has heard of Rebecca Bradley? No-one.
  • Who has any idea of what products or services she offers? Again no-one.

This is a real shame, because she gets full marks in my book for getting a number of things right, such as:

  • A clear statement of offering “editing and proofreading services”
  • An advert targeted at students with a special offer with reasonable conditions.
  • Recognition that students who do not have English as their first language are likely to value her services.
  • Finding the right target market: a university with a high proportion of overseas students.

What is more, the simple one-page website is well-worded, as you might expect, and covers all the basics. So make sure you do not fall into the trap of forgetting the obvious. It can help to get someone who does not know your business to check your marketing material.

A great example of getting it all right comes from my favourite post : “Indian Weddings” – so what is your niche?

Also, be wary about using your own name as your business or domain name, unless you are an entertainer or a politician for example. It usually takes time and money to build a recognised brand, but that really should be the subject of  another post.

Simon Fawkes
Business to Markets Ltd

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