“I blog, therefore I am.”

The blog is an important form of self-expression.

The French philosopher, mathematician, and physicist,  René Descartes, is best known for his  philosophical statement “I think, therefore I am”, from two of  his writings in the mid-seventeen century.  The original Latin is “cogito ergo sum”  and the French is “je pense, donc je suis”.

Descartes argued that thought exists, but cannot be separated from the person.  I think, therefore I know I exist.

The modern twist on this is:  “I blog, therefore I am”.   I blog so that others know I exist and can share my thoughts.

The invention of the printing press by Gutenberg in Germany some two centuries earlier had a major impact on the spreading of knowledge, which was no longer the preserve of a small élite. Much has been written about the impact of the Internet and growth in social media.  The reach and speed of the Internet is truly amazing.

A blog can be a very effective means of sharing information, as well as facilitating discussions with people close to home and as far away as the other side of the globe.  It can also let people communicate freely and not rely on formal media channels, which are often subject to commercial or political pressures.

So “blog away” and see what impact you can make and what you can learn as well.  My blog went silent for a while, as I was in Europe and South America in June 2010 and then fell sick when I got back to New Zealand. I am now back to full health and aim to meet my target of two blogs per month.


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