iMindMap 7 launch offers extented to 19 December 2013

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iMindMap is the perfect mind mapping tool for all thinking tasks thanks to its intuitive workspace, unrestricted structure and lots of visual stimulation.

It is a joy to use and it really does encourage creative thinking. I can vouch for this personally.

You too can enhance your productivity, unleash your creativity and improve your quality of work by joining the millions already Mind Mapping.

Take advantage of the iMindMap 7 Launch Offers

Check out the special offers, which are worth $75 USD,

Launch offers have been extended to midnight GMT on 19 December 2013.

Take a look at some of the smart features of iMindMap 7

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Multiple Platforms

There is no need to be tied to one device. iMindMap works on all platforms:

  • Desktop
  • Web
  • Mobile, both Apple and Android devices

Use Mind Maps to prepare and deliver presentations

My blog post “tips on how to prepare and deliver a presentation” shows one of several smart ways you can use iMindMap.

AISEC Social Media Presentation Mind MapA mind map is a more than just a powerful tool to help gather and organise your ideas.You can also use the mind map to deliver your presentation. Using the mind map helps keep you on track and reminds you of the main points you want to make. If you cannot simplify what you want to convey into a few key messages, your audience is likely to get distracted.

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Launch offers have been extended to midnight GMT on 19 December 2013. Get your copy today!

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