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Looking for the last piece of the puzzle? What impact would finding this have on your life?


Tips on creativity

When I first started writing, I fell for this externally oriented language of creativity line, hook and sinker. I have so many ideas running around my mind; one comes after another, or so back again, or with another. I sat down in front of the computer and waited for the surprising muse to visit me, a brilliant idea to strike, or some other kind of external inspiration. It usually didn’t work instantaneously. I just ended up going out for a walk to get away from the empty screen and the blinking cursor, still looking for my ‘inspiration’.

Everyone is creative: we can all innovate given time, freedom, autonomy, experience to draw on. But there are times when even the most creative person starts going round in circles, lacks aim, gets bored or hits a dead end. And instead of running around the bush, a few strategies hit me while scanning around to get me on with what I wanted to do (and found myself rather motivated):

Fast Forward Time

Think about your lives like ten years from now, and you’ll become more insightful! When you think of creative ways in both time & space, it cues the mind to think more abstractly & generate more creative solutions into solving problems. A.Einstein & B.Gates were not exactly 101% genius, they just -think ahead!

Make Use of Bad Emotions

Use the drama of your life into positive work of art! While positive emotions are generally more conducive to creativity, the opposite pole of it also has the power to boost such creativity -especially if you find ways how to use them! You might be surprised by what happens. Countless abstract painters & rockstar musicians have long proven that.

Be Stimulated Absurdly

The absurd, the eccentric, the unconventional & the extraordinary always present the world with some sense of humor. And humor is creativity, so is absurdity! The famous Alice in Wonderland, Toy Story or any other absurd masterpiece will surely get yourself thinking & smiling at the same time.

Resist, Insist

Most resistance can lead to more creative solutions. Try off-road, mounting climbing perhaps; and see the results! Who would’ve thought Lady Gaga’s fashion resistance & weird appeal is such an art!

Combine Opposites

Set up impossible oppositions and try ridiculous combinations, and it’s going to be original! Multiple simultaneous opposites usually produce integrative ideas, which are usually not always obvious.


People often jump to answers too quickly before they’ve really thought about the question. Spend time re-conceptualizing the problem. Forget the solution for now, concentrate on the problem. Now, are you asking the right question?

Take a break

Now is the time to separate from the real world. Travel through time, walk on water. No, what i mean is -try imagining your creative task as distant and disconnected from your current location, and see what other ideas or imagine could come up. This encourages higher level of thinking. Be surreal!

All of these methods can be applied to everyday life, each day as creative as the other.

Each or altogether can help you in unleashing your skills, talent & gifts (which could’ve been hidden all along). Choosing a gift for someone, conceptualizing how to market your products, thinking of ways to upbeat your career, sewing your own clothes, making a flower garden outside, changing your room furniture arrangement, editing your photos online, creating a video with a storyline, or simply putting a different make-up on from what’s usual –are just some of the many things you could do once innovation & creativity strides in..

Whoosh, I just did! Try and you’ll get by…

And by the way, never forget that notebook, instant thoughts might swing by..

Karen Dominguez
Business to Markets Ltd

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