Resolving your top three issues in six easy steps

Don’t try to tackle more than 3 issues at a time!

Taking on several things at a time could prevent you from focusing on the most important issues.

Watch the video that explains this simple six-step process to resolve your top issues.

After you have identified your top 3 issues, answer the following questions

  1. Where are you NOW with each issue? Define the nature of the problems you are facing, such as low sales.
  2. WHERE do you want to be in a given time period? Define what you consider a successful result, such as monthly sales by units or currency.
  3. HOW will you get there? What are the three main actions you will take and when do they need to be completed by?
  4. What are the BENEFITS of resolving each issue? Listing the benefits makes it clear WHY you are doing this and should help motivate you.  Give yourself a small reward for completing each of the main actions.
  5. What are the main BARRIERS that might slow you down? What might get in the way? How will you overcome these barriers?
  6. What are the CONSEQUENCES of not resolving each issue? What is the impact of failure? This should also help motivate you.

Be brief so that your answers fit on the one page. This helps you to focus on what is important. Once you have resolved one issue, you have time to address another one. Refer to the mind map below.

B2M Coffee Agenda

Coffee Agenda


The questions come from Mindshop:

  • How is your business doing  NOW?
  • What is your vision for WHERE you want to take your business?
  • HOW you will get there? What are your top three actions?

You can ask  these questions to the business as a whole, as well as parts of the business or a specific project.  You may also need to make some difficult decisions about what you will not do.

Mindshop offers great  tools to help you rank your issues and show which ones you should address  first.

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Simon Fawkes
Accredited Mindshop Facilitator
Business to Markets Ltd

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