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Tips to make your profile one of the top 1% in LinkedIn

LinkedIn Milestone

LinkedIn has reached a new milestone of 200 million members Simon, congratulations! You have one of the top 1% most viewed LinkedIn profiles for 2012! This was the subject line of the email that caught my attention on Saturday morning.  Needless to say, I opened the email straight away.  This came as a complete surprise, …

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Does your business suffer from “Yellow Fever”?

Does your business suffer from yellow fever?

This is the third post in my Yellow series. Given the steady decline of the Yellow Pages over the years, there may be limited scope for many more posts. My first two were directed at Yellow Pages Group in New Zealand: 1. Why Yellow® made me see red 2. Time to show Yellow® the red …

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Rugby World Cup 2011 Business Matching

Auckland ICT Monthly Networking, 27 April 2011 John Brakenridge, CEO of NZ Merino is an articulate and passionate advocate of importance of the RWC2011 to New Zealand and the business community.  John won the Outstanding Leader Award in the 2010 NZ International Business Awards. NZ Merino is an outstanding example of transforming a commodity into …

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Ideas for Success from Mindshop – November 2010

Ideas for Success from Mindshop:
1. Sales – The Order Taker is Dead: Long live the art of the Sales Professional who sells!
2. People – Tackling a Global Employee Crisis?
3. Success Tips – 3 Key Ideas for Business Success in 2011