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How to avoid common mistakes in translation

Poor translations undermine your credibility Do not expect a machine translation to produce a translation that is clear and true to the original. You always need a native speaker of the target language to check the translation.  Machine translation can be a useful tool, especially when you want to translate from a foreign language to …

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Lessons in translation: make sure you are true to the original text

lessons in translation

This brass plaque in an excellent example of a poor translation. I was soaking in the atmosphere of the medieval castle at Boulogne-sur-Mer in France, when this pair of brass plaques caught my attention. I was perplexed at how a simple but elegant plaque in French had been so poorly translated in the English version. …

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“I blog, therefore I am.”

I blog

The French philosopher, mathematician, and physicist, René Descartes, is best known for his philosophical statement “I think, therefore I am”.

So “blog away” and see what impact you can make and what you can learn as well.

Descartes argued that thought exists, but cannot be separated from the person. I think, therefore I know I exist.

The modern twist on this is: “I blog, therefore Iam”. I blog so that others know I exist and can share my thoughts.

“Yes, no or maybe”. The diplomat and the lady.

“Yes” may not always mean “yes” and “no” may not always mean “no”.
Be aware of culture and the situation. In a business setting the confusion is more likely to be associated with “yes” , which could mean any one of: yes, maybe or no.