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Make creativity an activity – every day!

Tested on Australians!

This point of sale display attracted my attention.  “Tested on Australians” is an attention grabbing headline that works well in New Zealand. Australians are seen as being outgoing and “party animals”. I gathered from the sales assistant at the chemist’s that some Australian customers had taken exception to the advert.  This is a shame as …

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One of life’s mysteries solved!

Creativity often comes from connecting seemingly unrelated experiences.

The mystery is why people from the United States of America are so exuberant: talking loudly, jumping up and down and exchanging “high-fives” for no apparent reason.

The explanation is to keep warm in the near-freezing conditions in air-conditioned rooms.

Wow that’s a great solution, but what is the problem?

Simon Fawkes April 2008

How you define the problem can have a major impact on the solution. Too often an elegant solution is developed without sufficient analysis of the problem and the underlying causes.

Put far more effort into probing until you are confident you have identified the underlying problem. The check and double-check before you start to consider possible solutions.

Just how innovative are you?

Innovation is Key! Innovation may be the only competitive advantage in a crowded market. The challenge is to turn good ideas into successful innovation.