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Why Conflict Can Lead To Better Outcomes

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Conflict is bad and should be avoided at all costs This is a common belief and the statement is open to the challenge of stating the obvious. We see conflict as a negative and associate the word with causing harm to other people. This blog post argues that some conflict may be needed to stimulate fresh …

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Rugby World Cup 2011 Business Matching

Auckland ICT Monthly Networking, 27 April 2011 John Brakenridge, CEO of NZ Merino is an articulate and passionate advocate of importance of the RWC2011 to New Zealand and the business community.  John won the Outstanding Leader Award in the 2010 NZ International Business Awards. NZ Merino is an outstanding example of transforming a commodity into …

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Make creativity an activity – every day!

Citizen Service Platform Ver2- Innovation and Industry

Citizen Service Platform Ver2- Innovation and Industry
Auckland ICT Monthly Networking Event
5.00pm to 7.45 pm, Thursday 17 February 2011
Auckland Town Hall Ground Floor Reception Lounge
301, Queen Street, Auckland, New Zealand
Go to the Auckland ICT website for more information and to RSVP.

The Local Hi-Tech Economy Survey

This is the first networking event of Auckland ICT in 2011.

This survey is designed to provide a view of the disposition and make-up of the hi-tech industry within a country. The results of this study will assist in developing the Local Hi-Tech Economy stakeholder communities and in promoting software as a key driver of economic and social development.