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Ideas for Success from Mindshop – June 2011

Read the latest quarterly newsletter “Ideas for Success” from Mindshop, which contains thought-provoking articles and some practical business advice for 2011. There are three great articles in the June  2011 edition: Leadership Succession: Or Lack of… The Evolution of Management Training and Strategic Solutions Three Key Ideas for Business Success in 2011 I hope these …

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Ideas for Success from Mindshop – November 2010

Ideas for Success from Mindshop:
1. Sales – The Order Taker is Dead: Long live the art of the Sales Professional who sells!
2. People – Tackling a Global Employee Crisis?
3. Success Tips – 3 Key Ideas for Business Success in 2011

Wow that’s a great solution, but what is the problem?

Simon Fawkes April 2008

How you define the problem can have a major impact on the solution. Too often an elegant solution is developed without sufficient analysis of the problem and the underlying causes.

Put far more effort into probing until you are confident you have identified the underlying problem. The check and double-check before you start to consider possible solutions.