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How reliant are you on myths for running your business?

Self help or self delusion

Myths are an important part of every culture “59 Seconds” by Professor Richard Wiseman dispels many business myths and presents scientifically proven techniques to help people identify and achieve realistic goals. Too much of the “self-help” industry peddles “facts” which have no foundation.  Wiseman takes aim at the “Yale Goal Study”, which is often cited …

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How to avoid some common mistakes in developing your brand strategy

brand strategy

Is your brand strategy built on a solid foundation? How confident are you that you have a sound brand strategy? This blog post will give you some tips to help you develop a clear brief for your brand strategy. Would you build a house without first securing title to the land and making sure you …

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Wow that’s a great solution, but what is the problem?

Simon Fawkes April 2008

How you define the problem can have a major impact on the solution. Too often an elegant solution is developed without sufficient analysis of the problem and the underlying causes.

Put far more effort into probing until you are confident you have identified the underlying problem. The check and double-check before you start to consider possible solutions.