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Defining your strategic intent with “The Art of Action”

The Art of Action

The mind map and video show you a simple and effective way of defining your strategic intent. The “Art of Action” by Stephen Bungay stresses the importance of making your strategic intent clear and simple. Intent is what you want to achieve and the reasons why. You should limit you strategic intent to defining and …

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Applying “The Art of Action” to Your Business

Directed Opportunism

Most organisations suffer from too much planning that does not achieve the desired results. Increase the size of the organisation, the number of management layers and departments, and the problem only gets worse. Technology is changing at an ever-increasing rate and markets change more rapidly too. More planning and more detailed plans are not the …

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Watch “The Kiwi who saved Britain” on TV1, 25 April.

This is the dramatised story of New Zealander Keith Park who led the RAF into battle against Hitler’s Luftwaffe in the Battle of Britain. He is one of New Zealand’s greatest heroes, but one who is barely known here. The programme includes an interview with Stephen Bungay author of “The most dangerous enemy: A History of the Battle of Britain”.