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Mind Maps : tips on how to prepare and give a presentation

AIESEC Mind Map thumbnail

Mind Maps help you gather and organise your ideas What holds you back when you are preparing a presentation?  Writer’s block is a common problem.  Another is getting side-tracked into the formatting of text and how it will look, when you should be generating ideas instead.  A mind map is a powerful tool to help …

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How to avoid common mistakes in translation

Poor translations undermine your credibility Do not expect a machine translation to produce a translation that is clear and true to the original. You always need a native speaker of the target language to check the translation.  Machine translation can be a useful tool, especially when you want to translate from a foreign language to …

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Lessons in translation: make sure you are true to the original text

lessons in translation

This brass plaque in an excellent example of a poor translation. I was soaking in the atmosphere of the medieval castle at Boulogne-sur-Mer in France, when this pair of brass plaques caught my attention. I was perplexed at how a simple but elegant plaque in French had been so poorly translated in the English version. …

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The “joys” of international travel

If possible, fly with the better quality and more reliable airlines. Sadly there do not appear to be any attractive options of flying from Australia or New Zealand to South America.
Plan well in advance and be creative about routes, stop-overs and meetings.
Premium Economy is well worth considering if your budget does not stretch further.
Watch out for Business Class deals, especially if there are two of you travelling together