The Local Hi-Tech Economy Survey

This is the first networking event of Auckland ICT in 2011

This survey is designed to provide a view of the disposition and make-up of the hi-tech industry within a country. The results of this study will assist in developing the Local Hi-Tech Economy stakeholder communities and in promoting software as a key driver of economic and social development.

The output of this study by The International Institute for Software Economics, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Inc. (IISEIE) will be the Local Hi-Tech Economy Report which will contain the following research outputs:

  1. Technical Audience Insight: Data that can be used to better understand the industry.
  2. Local Hi-Tech Economy Maturity: Comprises various country based metrics, as they pertain to the local hi-tech economy, which can be used to determine the current economic, innovation and technology stage of development of a Local Hi-Tech Economy within a country.
  3. Innovation Readiness Index: For software companies and entrepreneurs the Innovation Readiness Index provides valuable insight into strategic position, via a comparative benchmarking tool.

The IISEIE mission is to drive an applied research agenda that both informs and aligns industry based programs to develop local software economies.

This is achieved through a focus on community building and connecting, across three areas of knowledge: practice, accreditation and research.

Go to the the Auckland ICT website for more information and to RSVP.

Simon Fawkes
Auckland ICT
Business to Markets Ltd


  1. I’ll be there. Looking forward to the presentation.

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