YouTube One Channel: new B2MGlobal Channel Trailer

YouTube launched One Channel in early March 2013. This is a great way to promote your channel and gain more subscribers. You can easily convert your existing channel to the new format and it is well worth the effort. There are three important features of One Channel. Two are easy to spot: Channel Trailer and  Channel Art. The third one, Sections, is not so obvious.

Introducing B2MGlobal Channel

B2MGlobal Channel Trailer

Think of the Channel Trailer as your free 60 second advert.  This trailer only plays when non-subscribers land on your channel. The aim is to encourage them to subscribe to your channel. There is no risk of irritating your subscribers, because they do not see the trailer.  They can still watch it as one of your standard videos and share it too.

  • Do keep your channel trailer short.  YouTube recommends no longer than one minute.
  • Don’t forget Tags and a short description under the About section of the video.
  • Lastly, don’t forget the Call to Action: subscribe to my channel.

Here is the B2MGlobal Channel Trailer.  I hope you enjoy it and do subscribe!

B2MGlobal Channel Art

The Channel Art is an opportunity to promote your brand, but make sure you follow the Channel Art Guidelines.

B2MGlobal Channel Art

Channel Sections

Sections are another important feature of One Channel. You can choose from a number of options, including Tag.  This means you can create playlists around any theme, including a  tag, and show thumbnails of your videos. This is a great to arrange and present your videos.

Do take a look at One Channel and be one of the early adopters.

Please share this with anyone you know who wants to get more from their YouTube channel.  Lastly, do look at the B2MGlobal Channel and if you like what you see, do subscribe!

Simon Fawkes
Accredited Mindshop Facilitator
Business to Markets Ltd

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